Burn The Fat And Keep It Off : An all natural, 3-stage, weigh loss plan, that works.

Burn The Fat And Keep It Off Weight Loss Plan

· An all natural, 3-stage, weigh loss plan, that will work for you ·

Are you ready to burn the fat and keep it off?  You’ve come to the right place!

But before I tell you more, I need to tell you that you must have a good reason why you want to lose weight.

In order for a weight loss program to work, you have to be committed and have really made up your mind that you’re going to do this.   Your motivation needs to come strongly from within.

If you’re not there yet, then I say, this will just be a waste of your time.

My Reasons : Two pictures

I’ll admit, I’m a vain person.   I was horrified on how fat I had become.   I was, at first, very annoyed that these pictures were posted on Facebook, without my permission, for all the world to see.

You know what though?   They lit a fire under my big butt to finally do something about it!


I scoured the internet for something different that wasn’t a fad diet.   I’ve tried them all, it seemed.

I needed something simple to follow but works.

I don’t believe in torture.    Squats, burpees, that Crossfit stuff, is just not for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to walk and do a bit of hiking but I need something that I can sustain.



Burn The Fat And Keep It Off : An all natural, 3-stage, weigh loss plan, that works.

What I’m holding in the picture is what five pounds of fat looks like.   I lost seven of these.   WooHoo!


  • It cost me a small fortune.   I paid $1600 for it.  Definitely a sacrifice for me, but I was desperate.
  • My coaches were poorly trained.   I’m ashamed to say, I went into it blindly and forked over the money without them explaining the program to me.  I don’t think they even knew why the stages all came together.
  • I was following the instructions and I was losing weight, quickly.  But, I had to do my own research to find out why I was having to do the things I was told to do.


  • I lost weight quickly.
  • My appetite was drastically reduced.
  • I have a lot of energy.
  • I can think clearer.
  • I actually love and crave fruits and vegetables now.
  • My metabolism has increased exponentially.  I’ll admit, sometimes I cheat.   You gotta live life, especially when you’re on vacation.   When I do this, I have little to no weight gain.
  • If I put on a few pounds, I know exactly what to do to shed them off quickly.
  • This weight loss is sustainable for a lifetime.   You burn the fat and keep it off!


I don’t believe you should have to pay a fortune to live a better and healthier life.   I did a bunch of research and created an e-course based on the program.   I want YOU to have success in your weight loss goals as well.


  • Very easy to follow.
  • Three stages.   Each stage works together to boost your metabolism and train your mind and body for a healthier lifestyle.
  • It’s all natural.   It’s something you can feel good about.   Food is purchased at your local grocery store.
  • Not exercise dependent.   In the first stage, you don’t exercise.   However, exercise is good for your over-all health.  You will be doing sustainable exercises, that you can live with.   Not torture.
  • Support.  I’ve created a Facebook group where participants can share their success, recipes and helpful hints.   This is huge!  This is one of the things that helps me immensely.   I have accountability.



Burn The Fat And Keep It Off : An all natural, 3-stage, weigh loss plan, that works.

6 years ago, I was told that I was pre-diabetic and needed to lose weight. For 2 years I kinda didn’t take my doctor seriously about it. One day she suggested I get surgery to help me lose weight. That scared me. This is when I decided to lose weight with the diabetic diet. It took me 2 years to lose almost 40 pounds. I felt I had hit a plateau and became discouraged. During the last 6 months, I had gained 20 pounds of it back. My sister Linda, who had lost weight on “Burn the Fat” encouraged me to try her diet. That is where my journey with the “Burn the Fat” weight loss started. At first I was skeptical about this diet, that you could lose weight in such a short time. After all it took me at least 2 years to lose 30 pounds. It only took me 40 days on Burn the Fat to lose 17.2. Wow!!! I am so hopeful I will reach my goal on the next phase of this weight loss plan. I encourage anyone who needs to lose weight to give this diet a try. What can you lose, but unwanted pounds. Right???




Burn The Fat And Keep It Off : An all natural, 3-stage, weigh loss plan, that works.

Hi, I’m Charlene. I am a very active person but struggled with my weight. It didn’t all come at once, it rarely does. For the most part I eat pretty healthy. My diet consists of whole foods, most of what I grow or raise on my farm. What I don’t grow on my farm I try to buy from local farmers. The problem is not exercising or not eating the right foods. It was the wrong proportions and the amount of food I was consuming. I had pain almost all the time because of arthritis. I always woke up in pain. Sleeping was also a major problem. I would wake up several times a night because of the pain. My son asked me once if I sleep at all. As a result I was always tired. My energy level was a concern. I also have a hiatal hernia which caused heartburn and constant acid reflux. The acid reflux really concerned me because I’ve heard that it could lead to cancer. Linda encouraged me to join her Burn the Fat and Keep it Off weight loss program. I wasn’t sure I was ready for it but I decided to support her since she really wanted me to do it. If I got results then that would be a bonus. I told myself if it didn’t work then nothing was lost in trying. I was amazed at how quickly the pounds were dropping. After about 1 week my hiatal symptoms disappeared. I dared to drink coffee and spicy foods again (2 loves of my life haha). Still no symptoms. Imagine living with constant acid reflux and then having it go away. After about 2 weeks my arthritis pains were gone. I didn’t wake up at night because of numb hands and arms. I woke up in the morning more refreshed. I’m actually sleeping. Wow what a concept. I lost 18 lbs. In 40 days. How awesome is that!!! It’s fun to put clothes on again. My energy level is up again. I can wrangle my goats and llamas again without feeling like I’m going to die. I highly recommend this diet. It really works FAST!!!!!




Burn The Fat And Keep It Off : An all natural, 3-stage, weigh loss plan, that works.

My name is Nicole. I have struggled with my weight all of my life. After getting married I gained nearly 60 pounds. At 29 it was a lot harder to lose the weight then it was at 18. I tried many things with little to no results.

My friend Linda posted her Burn The Fat And Keep It Off weight loss e-course and I jumped at the opportunity to try it out. In 40 days I lost a total of 23 pounds and many inches off my body. I went from barely fitting into my size 13 jeans, which included my jelly rolls hanging out of the top, to needing a belt to keep them on. It was incredible.

It was also so reassuring stepping on the scale and seeing the pounds just melting off. The first part of the diet was I think the easiest for me. I had no trouble sticking to it and not cheating.

Most of all I learned a little self control and a great new way of eating healthier. It was a great start to my healthy eating lifestyle change. I learned to not give up after falling off the wagon and having that cookie. I learned to not feel guilty for falling but just get back up and do better next meal. I learned to not consider it cheating but rather consider it a treat for doing so good. I would definitely recommend this plan to others looking to lose a little extra weight or as a sort of detoxifying start to a healthy lifestyle change.

I realized that I need to love myself more and start treating myself better starting with the foods I put in my body. After all my body loves me and takes care of me. It’s about time I start returning the favor.



Burn The Fat And Keep It Off : An all natural, 3-stage, weigh loss plan, that works.


Burn The Fat And Keep It Off : An all natural, 3-stage, weigh loss plan, that works.



If you’ve hit midlife and you see yourself gaining weight where you’ve never been fat before, I feel you.   I know how frustrating it can be.   

It could be you’re young and just overweight or maybe you’ve been heavy all your life and you finally want to make some changes. 

 This is a plan that is going to work for you.

This e-course is new, and for now, I’m giving it to you for free.   Click here to enroll now.