Stitch Fix Review – Best Subscription Box For Men and Women

Stitch Fix excitement

Are clothing subscription boxes worth it? My answer is yes!  Stitch Fix has the best men’s and women’s clothing subscription boxes for 2020. Whether you’re looking for clothing subscription box for plus size, clothing subscription box for men, boho subscription box, or the best subscription box for petites, Stitch Fix competitors 2020 have nothing on them. Stitch fix has the best online styling services for your fashion crate.

I used to get so frustrated because I can never find anything I like at the mall.

If I do, it doesn’t come in my size or everyone else is wearing it!

Well, one day I was going through my Facebook feed and saw an ad for Stitch Fix.  

I clicked on it, checked out what they had to say, and decided to give it a try. 

Let me tell you, it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself and my wardrobe.

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1.   I’m a busy woman and I don’t have to go out shopping for clothes, the shopping comes to me. 

2.   My personal stylist gets me.  It only took a couple of ‘Fixes’ for my stylist, Whitney, to know what I like.  She’s a real person, who listens and truly tries to send me clothes I love.  Also, all the clothes in the box are my size!

3.   I feel like it’s Christmas every time I get a box and I can’t wait to open it up and try them all on.  There are times I’ll check the mail after going for a hike or taking a 4 mile walk. That means I have to hold myself back, and take a shower before I can try them on. The excitement builds!

4.   They make it so easy to return what I don’t buy.  They have a big postage paid bag to put them in. You seal it and drop it off at the post office, or leave it in your mailbox for your mailman to pick it up.  That’s it, it’s that easy.

5.   They make it easy to checkout.  Once I decide what I want, I’ll go on their website, and right away, it’ll take me to the checkout page.  I  tell them what I want to keep and that’s all they charge me . They will also deduct your $20 styling fee from your purchases, making your stylist free!

6.   I love their referral program.  When I refer a friend, I’ll get $25 credit towards the clothes I buy and the person I’m referring gets a $25 dollar credit as well!  

Here’s my referral link,

If you click on it and schedule your first ‘FIX’, we’ll both get the credit.

Then, you’ll also get your own referral link to earn credit and share with your family and friends.  Awesome, isn’t it?

So by now you might have guessed as to why I’m writing this post, It’s because of #6!   Stitch Fix doesn’t give me in cash. 

If I get people to sign up, they’ll give me credit to put towards the clothes I love in my Fixes.

I love the clothes they send me that much!

On my last Fix, I had a really hard time choosing what to return, I loved them all.   Take a look for yourself.

FORTUNE + IVY - Saira Handkerchief Blouse $36

Stitch Fix hankerchief blouse

THML - Roonie Embroidered Dress $68

Stitch Fix embroidered dress

FRENCH GREY - Melcy Brushed Knit Dress $42

Stitch Fix brushed knit dress

LUQ - Pryor Off The Shoulder Top $34

DICTIONARY - Margery Printed Wide Leg pant $44

Stitch Fix wide leg pants and off the shoulder top

They even give you outfit suggestions in your Fix!

Stitch Fix outfit suggestions


What brands does Stitch Fix carry?

Stitch Fix works with many, many brands.  

Some you’ll see worn by celebrities and featured in magazines.  

Some brands are established and some are up and coming.

Here are some that might be familiar to you:  















Does Stitch Fix carry exclusive styles?

Yes they do!

Stitch Fix Exclusive

Along with the brands mentioned above and many others, they have clothes that you can only be found at Stitch fix, and are made only for Stitch Fix.

These are created in-house by partner vendors ,and are based on the feedback of the styles we, their customers, like.

Where is Stitch Fix located?

The Stitch Fix headquarters is located in San Francisco, California.

Where does Stitch Fix clothes come from?

As far as I know, they are manufactured all over the world.

It just depends on which brand it is.  

If you prefer to only get clothes in your Fix box that are made in the US, you may state so in your preferences or you can send your stylist a note to your preferences.

How did Stitch fix start?

Stitch Fix was started by Katrina Lake, an American businesswoman in her 30’s.   She Started Stitch Fix in the San Francisco Bay area in 2011 and went public with this online fashion subscription service in 2017. 

To know more about Katrina Lake click here

How do I buy Stitch Fix Clothes and how does it work?

You want to click on this link (my referral link, we both get $25 credit)

Stitch Fix is an online fashion subscription. When you click on the link, you’re going to create a profile.

Make sure you take your time in filling out your style profile.  Really think about what you like and dislike.

Your stylist will hand pick your ‘Fix’ based on what your preferences are.

You’ll be charged a $20 styling fee for every fix.  But, that styling fee goes towards whatever you purchase in your Fix.   Also, if you buy everything, you get 25% off!

You will choose how often to get a Fix, monthly, twice monthly or every other month.  You can cancel anytime.

You’ll get your Fix in the mail.  Try them on as soon as you can. Keep what you want and return what you don’t in a postage paid bag they provide within 3 days.  Then get on your computer or phone (they have an app) and go to checkout. It’s that simple.

How do I return Stitch Fix?

You’ll be provided a postage paid big bag to put all the items you wish to return.  

Stitch Fix box

All you have to do is drop it off at the post office or leave it in your secure mailbox for your mailman/woman to pick up.

Can I exchange my Stitch Fix?

They will exchange any of your Fix items for a different size.  Or, if there is an item that you wish to purchase in your Fix but it is damaged, just send it back in your return bag and they will send you an undamaged one. 

Just make sure to select the “Exchange” option for that item when you checkout online.

Can I put Stitch Fix returns in the mailbox?

I bring my returns to the post office as we have one in our community, but for some, it’s not so convenient.  If you have a secure mailbox and it’s big enough, you can leave it in there. Your mailman/woman should take it.

Can I gift Stitch Fix to someone?

You can buy and redeem Stitch Fix gift cards at this link

You can print the gift card directly to your printer, they can email it with a personal note from you to the recipient, or they can send it in the mail.

You can also purchase them from some retailers.  I saw some at my local grocery store the other day.

Can I call Stitch Fix?

I can’t find a phone number to call them directly on their website.  

However, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of any page on their website and hit ‘Contact us’, they will give you options to contact them.  

You can email them, live chat, or you can leave your phone number and they say they will try to contact you within an hour.

Can I shop Stitch Fix?

The way to shop Stitch Fix is to fill out your style profile, schedule a ‘Fix’, and your stylist will send you clothes that she feels will fit your style.  

They do not have a catalog of clothes you can look at and shop from.

Can I cancel Stitch Fix?

You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Can I preview Stitch Fix?

You cannot preview what you’ll get in your ‘Fix’.  However, you can send a note to your stylist and request items.  

You can even let your stylist know that you have an upcoming event, like a wedding or something, to attend, and she/he will send you something special for that event based on your request.

Does Stitch Fix have plus sizes?

Yes they do!

Stitch Fix plus size

For both men and women.

Up to what size does Stitch Fix go up to?

The sizes for women are:  0 to 24W and XS up to 3X

They also offer Petite Sizes

The sizes for men are:  XS up to XXL

The size for kids are:  2T up to 14

Does Stitch Fix have Maternity clothes?

Yes, they do!  

Just let your stylist know how far along you are, and she will send you items that’ll fit you while you are pregnant.

Are Stitch Fix clothes expensive?

The average cost for women and men clothes in Stitch Fix is $55, and for kids, they start at $10. 

When you fill out your style profile, they will ask you what price range you want to be in.  The choices are:

The Cheaper, The Better

$50 to $100 

$100 to $150 

$150 to $200 


On my Style profile I chose ‘The Cheaper, The Better’ on all categories.  

You can also choose their new line, Stitch Fix Luxe.  

They are premium items from brands such as Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, and Theory.

Is Stitch Fix for guys?

Yes, they have Stitch Fix for men too.

 If you’re a guy or, you have a man who is in need of some nice clothes, you need to have them sign up too!

Why Stitch Fix?

You should sign up for Stitch Fix for the following reasons:

  • Your wardrobe is outdated.

  • You’re picky about your clothes and you have a hard time finding clothes you like at the department stores.

  • You are plus sized and you want stylish clothes that’ll look good, with your taste in mind, and not look like a tent when you put it on. ( I know, I used to be a size 20!)

  • You hate shopping for clothes.  Stitch Fix will bring the shopping to you!

  • You always say you have nothing to wear.  Stitch Fix will fix that!

  • You wear the same clothes over and over again.  

  • Stitch Fix makes it so easy!

When to return Stitch Fix?

You have 3 days to return the items you don’t want in the mail.

What’s in the questionnaire?

Here are some of the questions they ask in your Styling profile:

  • How tall are you?
  • What is your weight?
  • What size do you typically wear for:
  1. Dress
  2. Shirt and blouse
  3. Bra
  4. Skirt
  5. Pants
  6. Jeans waist
  7. Shoe
  • Are you pregnant and interested in Maternity clothes?
  • How would you characterize your proportions?
  1. Arms - Short, Average or Long
  2. Shoulders - Narrow, Average, or Broad
  3. Torso - Short, average, or Long
  4. Hips - Narrow, Average, or Broad
  5. Legs - Short, average, or Long
  • Are you curvy on your bottom half?
  • How do you prefer clothes to fit your top half?
  1. Tight, Fitted, Straight, Loose, Oversized
  • How do you prefer clothes to fit your bottom half?
  1. Tight, Fitted, Straight, Loose
  • What type of jeans do you prefer?
  1. Style - Skinny, Straight, Bootcut, Wide
  2. Rise - Low, Mid, High
  3. Length - Ankle, Regular, Long
  • What do you like to flaunt?  What would you rather downplay?
  1. Arms
  2. Shoulders
  3. Back
  4. Cleavage
  5. Midsection
  6. Rear
  7. Legs 

The choices for each area is:

I love showing them off.

Sometimes I’ll flaunt them.

Flaunt only for special occasions.

Less is more, keep them covered.

  • They will show you pictures of different styles of clothing, and you will choose if you Hate it, Just ok, Like it, or Love it.
  • How often do you dress for the following occasions:
  1. Work, Business Casual
  2. Cocktail, Wedding, Event
  3. Laid-Back, Casual
  4. Date Night, Night Out

The options for each occasion is:

Most of the time.

About once or twice a week.

About once or twice a month.


  • How much do you want your Fix selections to focus on the following occasions?
  1. Work, Business Casual
  2. Cocktail, Wedding, Event
  3. Laid-Back, Casual
  4. Date Night, Night Out

The options for each occasion is:

Frequently: as much as I can get!

Consistently: At least one piece per shipment.

Sometimes: If my stylist really loves it for me.

Rarely: Very little,or only when I specifically ask for it.

You get the gist.  

They ask you very detailed questions to make sure your stylist will get it right.  

Take your time in answering these questions, and try to be as specific as possible.

How do Stitch Fix Stylists work?

When you sign up for Stitch Fix and fill out your style profile, you will be assigned a stylist.  

Your stylist will look over your style profile, and based on that, she/he will pick items that they feel you will like and enjoy wearing.  

They are problem solvers, so it’s important to let them know what you like and don’t like.

For instance, the first Fix I got included shoes and jewelry.  I have a ton of those and don’t need them, so I ask not to receive them anymore.  I also request for my stylist to mostly send me dresses as that is what I mostly wear.

There is also a certain neckline I like and that is the high neck or razor back style.  As you’ll see in my photos above, that’s mostly what I got.

You can request to have the same stylist every time by sending a note for your next Fix.

Here’s a picture of the note from my stylist, Whitney, that was included in my box.  I love how she checked out my Instagram and looked at my blog.

Stitch Fix stylist note

How awesome is that?

That has convinced me that Stitch Fix truly cares about making sure I get what I want, and they want to provide great customer service!

How does Stitch Fix compare with  other online fashion subscriptions?

Stitch Fix vs Dia & Co

Stitch Fix caters to all sizes, whereas Dia & Co is exclusively for Plus size women, size 14 and up.

It is very similar as far the styling fee and how everything works.

I tried Dia & Co when I was wearing a size 18, but I wasn’t happy with the quality of the clothes, and they kept sending me patterns I specifically said I didn’t like.

I was very disappointed and cancelled my subscription.

It's been awhile ago that I tried them, maybe they've improved.

Here is their website

Stitch Fix vs Le Tote

Stitch Fix only has new clothing.  

Le Tote is a clothes rental company.  This is how Le Tote works:

  1. Same as Stitch Fix you’ll fill out a Style Profile
  2. Based on your style profile, they will have suggested items for you to choose from.  
  3. You can see what they suggest online, and based on your price plan, which starts at $69 a month  (3 pieces of clothing and 2 accessories), you will choose what you want to rent and wear.
  4. Once you get your box, you’re free to wear them however many times you want.
  5. If you absolutely love a particular item, you can purchase it for 50% off retail price.
  6. Return the items in the provided postage paid bag.

I tried Le Tote not too long ago.  

I thought it would be neat to be able to have different clothes I didn’t have to buy outright.  However, when I received my box and opened it, it smelled so bad.   Like old musty clothes.

I couldn't even bring myself to try them on.  I sent them right back! 

Here is their website

Stitch Fix vs Bombfell

From what I understand, Bombfell is a premium online fashion subscription of casual wear for men.  

The average cost per article is $89 versus $55 at Stitch Fix. 

Their advertisement on a Subway in New York is, “If shopping isn’t your bag, You’re going to love our box.”    But in fact, their shipments do not come in a box, but in a bag!

I guess that doesn’t really matter. After all, it’s what’s inside the box, or bag that counts.  

I’ve read some reviews, and from what I can perceive is that their inflated prices don’t match the quality of their clothing. 

They charge the same styling fee as Stitch Fix, which is $20, and will be applied to whatever you purchase.

48 hours prior to shipping out your box or bag, you will receive an email for you to preview what you’ll get.

 It is at that time that you can email your stylist to change any of your items.

Here is a great review that was funny but informative.  I really enjoyed reading it and laughed so much at this guy! 

Stitch fix vs Trendy Butler

Trendy Butler is a fashion clothing subscription for men.  

Here is the difference with Stitch Fix:

With Stitch Fix is, you pay a styling fee of $20,  get your box, try them on and just pay for what you keep, minus your styling fee.  

At Trendy Butler you keep all the articles they send you for a monthly fee of $65. 

In your box you will receive 2 items worth approximately $150+.  

Usually they will be combo pieces to wear together like, a hoodie and pants, or a button up and sweater.  

If you don’t like what is in your box you can’t get a refund but you can exchange it.  You can just shoot them an email to let them know. They will follow up with a postage paid return label.  Once you return it, the article they exchange it with will be in your next box. 

I would think that this would be the clothing subscription for you if you trust your stylist to pick the clothes for you.  

I personally would prefer to choose my own clothes. But, I’m a woman and most men aren’t that picky.

Here’s the link to their website

Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club

So here’s the deal, If you’re a regular hard working, middle class person, Stitch Fix is for you.  The average cost per article at Stitch Fix is $55 (That’s even too much for me, unless I’m totally in love with it, I classify my budget ‘The Cheaper, the better’ and will mostly spend $48 max).  

At Trunk Club the range is from $100 to $300. 

Trunk Club is owned by the Nordstrom Company and their prices reflect that.  However, if you have the money to spend this is definitely the fashion subscription for you.

This is how Trunk Club works:

Their styling fee is $25 for each time you request a shipment.  Like Stitch Fix, It is deductible from your purchases. The styling fee is waived if you use your Nordstrom Credit or Debit Card. 

This is not a monthly subscription, it is only when you request it.  

You will have the same stylist every time, and he/she will send you a preview of the articles before shipping them.

Stitch Fix will send you 5 articles, whereas Trunk Club will send you 12 to 15 items.  However, there is no discount if you decide to buy them all, but who can afford to do that anyway?  Stitch Fix will give you a 25% discount if you buy the whole box.

Trunk Club also has Clubhouses you can go to.  

While you’re there, you will get a your own personal stylist to help you while you sip Champagne.  

That’s some fancy stuff!

They have Clubhouses in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington D.C.

When I hit the lotto, that’s what I’m doing!

Here’s the link to their website

Stitch Fix vs Thredup

Stitch Fix only has new clothes in their Fixes, whereas Thredup is an online second hand clothing store.  

You can go to their website and shop there, or you can sign up for a Goody Box.  

They will charge a $20 fee which is deductible to what you purchase.  

The pieces start at $20, and what I really like about it, is that you can actually request themed boxes.  There will be 10 items handpicked by your stylist.

You can choose:

Just For You

Summer Essentials

Take Me Out Outfits

9 to 5 Styles

Tropical Getaway

Fall Into Fall. 

If you’re budget conscious then this may be the subscription for you.

Many people love to shop at second hand stores, like my sister, Evelyn, and she finds some really nice clothes.  

She just gives them a good washing and they look great!

For me, with my experience with Le Tote, where the clothes smelled musty, I’m afraid this will also come with the same issue, and I won’t even be able to try them on.

Stitch Fix vs Wantable

Stitch Fix send you 5 items in your Fix, whereas Wantable advertises they will send you 40%  more items than Stitch Fix, so that makes 7 articles.

They also have Wantable Fitness and Men Fitness plans to you can choose to subscribe to, besides the regular ‘Style’ subscription.

Here is their website,

I’ve seen advertisements on Facebook, and a few friends have liked Wantables, so I decided to check them out and get a box.

 Their Style Profile wasn’t as in depth as Stitch Fix but it seem thorough enough. 

I marked my Loves, Likes and Dislikes on the style profile, and entered my payment information to finish up.  

I was pretty hyped when they notified me that I could look at some items to get in my box for my first shipment, but I had to “dislike” every item they suggested.  They were everything I ‘Disliked’ on my profile!

This makes me a little nervous about my first shipment, but I’ll be patient and reserve my review for when I get my actual box.

I did some further investigation, and clicked on the ‘Stream’ from the menu to see what else they have.  

They seem much more expensive than Stitch Fix. For example:

A SPLENDID (Brand) white tank top is $38

An exclusive by Wantable, Roll Tab Crew t-shirt is $48, and a Z SUPPLY Cotton CoreCrew Tee in White is $30.  

This makes me even more nervous… 

UPDATE 2 weeks later…

I got my Wantable box.  I opened it up and one of the first things I see is a note from my Stylist, Laura.  

In the image you’ll see the note I wrote Laura to help her pick out my items.  

Wantable stylist note

Just in case the image is too small here is what it says

Me:  I primarily wear dresses. I like pretty and casual dresses. I’m in my early 50’s but hate old lady style. Razor back neckline looks best on me. I live in Tucson so it’s pretty hot here but gets cold Dec. thru Feb. I like kimonos to put over my dresses but would also welcome jean jackets but no other jackets or accessories please.  I have a ton of jewelry, purses and shoes please don’t send those to me. I like florals but no abstract or southwestern crazy patterns, I won’t purchase those.

Laura:  Hi Linda, Welcome to your first style edit!  Thanks for your note feedback is helpful! We are excited to help you build a fresh wardrobe that fits your unique preferences.  I tried to include a lot of variety to get a better gauge of your style and fit. I suggest trying everything on and playing around with different looks.  These tops are great alternatives to your basic tees featuring small details to make them stand out. Hopefully, you find the items both practical and versatile.  Take the next five days to choose which items you love and send the rest back to us. Keep five or more pieces and receive 20% off your entire purchase. I look forward to hearing your feedback styles and pricing!

This is what I got.

Marley Mid Rise Super Skinny $68

Wantable skinny jeans

Ombre V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee $42

Wantable faded shirt

French Terry Swing Dress $60

Wantable dress

Crossroad Tee $36

Wantable shirt

Amelia Denim Jacket $89

Wantable jean jacket

Sleeveless Keyhole Romper $70

Wantable romper

Drawstring Jogger $68

Wantable jogger

Only one dress that is absolutely not my style.  No razorback necklines. I got 2 shirts, skinny jeans, a jean jacket (which I loved, by the way, but too expensive for me), a t-shirt dress, a romper and ugly black joggers (where did that come from?).

I kept the gray/green shirt and returned the rest.  The return bag they sent me was so small that I had to stuff them all in there so it’ll all fit.

I will be canceling my membership.

You may love these clothes, and they are nice, if that's your style.  It's just not mine.  I'm not a jean and t-shirt type of person.

Stitch Fix vs Rent The Runway

You can only get new clothes at Stitch Fix.  

Rent The Runway is a clothing rental fashion company, much like Le Tote but with much higher end brands.

Rent The Runway has two types of memberships and they are:

RTR Update for $89 per month (first trial month is $69)

You’ll get 4 pieces

One swap per month

You can choose from 350+ designer brands including cocktail attire

RTR Unlimited for $159 a month (first trial is $99)

You’ll get 4 pieces but you can wear them and ask for more during that month.  The average member rents 6 to 12 pieces per month.

Swap as often as you want

Choose from 450+ designer brands including Black Tie attire.

If you don’t want to become a monthly member, you can rent just one time.

This is their website

Stitch Fix vs Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Stitch Fix has a stylist you are working with.  You’ll fill out your style profile and your stylist will pick the items he/she feels will fit your style.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe works a bit differently. This is how it works:

It only available to Prime Members

There is no styling fee as it’s one of the benefits included in your membership

You are your own stylist, you choose what goes in your box.

You must choose from items that are in the Amazon Prime Wardrobe

You must pick 3 items, up to 8.

You have 7 days to try on your items before returning.

You will be provided a postage paid return bag.

If you're not an Amazon Prime member, below is my affiliate link you can click on to try it free for 30 days.

If you're a student, you can try it for 6 months!

To access Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Stitch Fix vs Frank and Oak

With Stitch Fix you pay a styling fee of $20 for each monthly ‘fix’ (you can skip a month or two, if you want).  They will send you 5 items, you try it on, keep what you want, return what you don’t. The styling fee is credited to whatever you purchase.

Frank and Oak works pretty much the same as Stitch Fix.  Except, there’s no styling fee, but if you don’t purchase anything from the box, you will be charged a $25 styling fee.

Here are some of the things you’ll get from Frank and Oak in your style planned box subscription:

Up to 3 items in your box, ranging from $29 to $149.

You can view them prior to them sending it out to you.

Exclusive designed in Montreal products, in limited editions.

Ethically sourced, sustainably made clothes.

Here is their website

Stitch Fix vs MM Lafleur

Stitch Fix is for whenever or whatever fashion you want to dress for, from very casual to cocktail.  They call their boxes a “Fix”.

MM.LaFleur specializes in providing workwear for professional women.

They call their boxes, Bento.  I like that name. It reminds me of a Bento Box you get from a Japanese restaurant that has your different types of food compartmentalized in sections.

Here’s what to expect from MM.LeFleur:

They carry sizes from 0P up to 22W.

Prices range from $110 for a top, up to $325 for a dress.

You’ll receive 4 to 6 items in your Bento.

You have 4 days to try them on and return.

Their Bento is not a monthly subscription, you order one when you want it.

You don’t need a Bento, you can just shop on their website like you can with other online shops.

Here is their website

Stitch Fix vs Allume

Stitch Fix has their own brands they work with. Your stylist will put together a ‘Fix’ based on your style profile, the note you send them, and their own inventory.

Allume is totally different.  From what I understand, it is like hiring your own personal fashion shopper.

Here’s how it works with Allume:

Just like Stitch Fix, you will fill out a style profile or quiz.

A consultant will be assigned to you, based on your style profile.

You’ll connect one on one with your consultant via text messaging.

For $20 (refunded with purchase), your consultant will shop the entire internet for what she/he feels you’ll want.

Your consultant will put together a Virtual Lookbook and send it to you.

You’ll buy  directly from your Lookbook and the retailers will send them directly to you.

For returns, you will send them directly back to the retailer, not to Allume.

Some of the retailers will have a shipping charge.

Here is their website if you want to check them out

Stitch Fix vs Daily Look

Daily Look works pretty much the same as Stitch Fix.

Here are the differences:

Daily Look will send you up to 12 items, while Stitch Fix sends 5.

You can preview a box prior to it being sent out to you.

You get 5 days to try on.  It’s 3 days at Stitch Fix.

They charge a $40 styling fee, deductible from your purchase.  It’s only $20 at Stitch Fix.

Their items start at $75.  It’s much lower with Stitch Fix at $28 from what I have gotten in my fixes.

Here is their website


So there you have it.  All your questions answered on Stitch Fix and how they compare to other companies.

I’ve actually learned quite a bit about the other fashion subscription companies just by putting this post together.  

In summary, if I had more money, I think I would try Trunk Club or even MM.LeFleur.  

For right now though, Stitch Fix is still the one for me.  I can afford them and I love my Fixes!

Give them a try.

Here’s my referral link again

Remember, when you schedule a Fix, both you and I get a $25 credit.

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