Linda Edwards

Losing someone you love by death is the worst thing anyone could go through. Reality sets in pretty harshly. You'll never see their smile, hear their voice and never smell their scent or feel the warmth of their body next to yours again. You weep endlessly, you're angry, you beg, plead and try to bargain with God but nothing works... they are never coming back. They are gone from you forever.


Hi, I’m Linda Edwards and I live in Tucson, Arizona with my wonderful fiance, Jeremy.   We have two fur babies, Molly and Lulu.   I also have a 19 year old human baby boy and his name is Harley.   He’s off living on his own trying to make it out there.   For work, I’ve been with the American Red Cross Blood Services for 29 years as a Phlebotomist and I guess, I like it!   Life is great and the only stress I have is when one of my dogs get sick, work because I want to have fun all the time and worrying about my son.

It hasn’t always been this way.   There was a time when I didn’t even know where my next breath was going to come from and I didn’t want to live anymore.    August 10, 2014 I lost my husband, Brad, to cancer.    This blog is  to tell you my story, what I went through and what I did to push through the pain and sorrow of my loss.   There are some things that I did that are unconventional that some people wouldn’t approve of but I have no regrets as those things helped me to move forward and are part of a process to get me to where I am today…happy, healthy and most of all, STRONGER THAN EVER.

I hope that in sharing my story I can help whoever reads it to also push through the pain of loss and start living again!


My son, Harley, and I

My fiance, Jeremy, and I

Blossoming Widow - Jeremy & I


Our fur babies, Molly & Lulu